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You are dreaming of the best remote working tool that helps you to monitor and manage your project? You're in luck!! In fact, Adaptation to new technologies and implementing those new technologies has become the need of the time to boost your hour in the present scenario.

Therefore, real-time workspaces always help in letting the outside partners and team members keep an eye on every single detail of the project. For team communication and project management, check the comprehensive list of Top Project Management Softwares.

What is Remote Working software?

Remote Working software

Best Remote Working Softwares helps all the project managers and teams in collaborating and meeting their goals on time while managing cost and resources.

Remote Working Software tools enable various functions like time tracking, task distribution, team collaboration, resource planning etc. These software also serve as a platform for facilitating collaboration among various project stakeholders.

Why Use Task Management Software?

If you are aware of the benefits of Remote Working tools, then you might be living under a rock. We have outlined some of the benefits here with the Top Project Management Softwares.

  • Seamless communication
  • Time tracking
  • Accurate project tracking
  • Quick file-sharing
  • Automated invoicing
  • Central data storage
  • Quick reporting
  • Faster collaboration
  • Easier delegation

Now that you know all the benefits check for the Remote Working software reviews and select the best one which satisfies all your needs.

Top Project Management Softwares & Tools


ProofHub is a flexible project management software tool used by most of the leading organizations and entrepreneurs. The proof hub is an online all-in-one tool that comes with powerful features that help in collaborating with various members and organizing different functions only with one tool.


  • Secure file storage
  • Reporting and tracking project history
  • Assigned user roles
  •  Online team discussions and chats
  • Task delegating and assignments
  • Saves a lot of time during the feedback-sharing process
  • Makes team management less stressful
  • Available for Android and iOS users as a mobile app
  • Pricing:

Pricing of ProofHub Ranges from $45 to $99 per month depending on the number of storage and projects required.

ProofHub is a very simple and well-designed user interface that helps in team collaboration more efficiently.


Asana is a cloud-based Remote Working tool that helps teams to map out every single detail of the project within the organization. It is flexible to adapt and plan your work in the best way.


  • The free tool offers a basic dashboard and search
  • A Gantt style view of how projects fit together
  • Group tasks into sections or columns in a list or board project
  • Generate detailed Progress reports
  • Schedule and prioritize tasks on a unique Asana calendar
  • Notify employees using a personalized inbox


  • Free up to 15 members 
  • Premium from $8.33 user/month.

Asana provides a simplistic layout that is easy to use. It is the best project software management tool for a small team.


Basecamp is the most popular Remote Working software which aids all the project teams to maintain all the project details. This the best project management platform that enjoys its carefree team collaboration features and social media-like interface.


  • Email and desktop notifications
  •  Separate dashboard for showing to clients
  •  In-app collaboration with a team
  • Message boards for discussing new projects or ideas
  • Reporting on project performance
  •  Projects to manage multiple users' work


  • Free for students, teachers and $99 per month for unlimited users.

It is specialized in features like mail integration and also the ability to share individual tasks and messages with people outside the organization.

Troop Messenger

Do you want to give enough space to your business growth? Troop Messenger helps you to do it. Anytime anywhere accessibility office chat app is now best in class. Troop Messenger initiates instant messaging feature for Business in terms of ease of use, data security monitored and secured entry etiquette, and IP ownership. Its special features attract all the entrepreneurs in using this tool for their project management.


  • Facilitates one on one messaging feature which helps in communicating and exchanging work updates
  • Recall Features - If posting a message by mistake in the wrong window, you can call the message back with this recall y
  • Groups - Makes your collaborative team and work communication easy by creating and joining in various groups. No limits in communication!
  • Sharing - Assurance of easy, safe and straightforward file sharing across individuals and group chats. You can also share your real-time desktop screen for a better understanding of tasks.


  • Premium version is for ₹75 for 7 days
  • Enterprise version is for ₹187 for 7 days
  • Self Hosting is for ₹187 for 7 days

Troop Messenger supports various devices like desktop, Android, ios, browser etc. It is easy to access and use whenever you want to.


Dropbox is the world's first smartest platform to organize and manage your workspace. You can also find a more enlightened way of working while connecting with all your team members. 3 smart features of Dropbox makes it complete and easy to use for various organizations.


  • Any device Accessibility
  • Efficient syncing
  • File Sharing
  • Large file sharing
  • Automatic Organization and Back up
  • AES Encryption Security
  • Automatic Updates
  • Online backup and file recovery


  • Free Trial
  • Plus plan for $11.12/month
  • Professional plan for $27.81/month

The main benefit of Dropbox is that it offers a fantastic suite of sharing capabilities and storage which doesn't require timely installations or complex setup processes. Another unique feature of Dropbox is that it automatically backups all the images rolling from your computer or mobile device.


Todoist is one of the Top Project Management Softwares that gives you the confidence that everything is accounted for and organized so that you can make progress in your work.

This is the top-ranked productive app that helps in project management for small and large teams. Tracking of all goals, projects, and tasks is possible in one place with this project management software. 


  • Never lose track of important tasks with the Quick add option.
  • Prioritize and organize your projects and tasks by adding it to your favorites.
  •  From requirements list to business ventures, conquer and divide your daily tasks with shared projects.
  • Easily set daily, weekly and monthly tasks and visualize your productivity trends.
  • Make it an organized, central hub by linking to the apps you use for getting things done.
  •  It supports 10+ plugins and apps so that you can review each step of your project and upcoming tasks.


  • Free for staters up to 80 projects and 5 people per project
  • $3/month for Premium up to 300 projects and 25 people per project
  • $5/month for Business up to 500 projects and 50 people per project

Todoist is simple to use but powerful enough to take and manage your ambitious projects. Explore its fundamental features and manage your project with this best project management software tool.


Trello's generous free tier and simple interface make it an ideal tool for small teams and individuals to start basic project management. Trello is flexible, free, and provides a visual way to manage and organize projects. Trello is known for visualizing tasks on the cardboard-like dashboard for managing quick everyday assignments.


  • Creating unlimited task lists
  • Organizing lists by dates or priority
  • Image and file sharing
  • Commenting and collaboration
  • Simple task management on a cardboard


  • Free for personal use
  •  $9.99 for business class
  • $17.50 for Enterprise-class

Starting from startups to Fortune 500 companies, Trello is the most effective and secured collaboration tool for project management.


iDoneThis is a personal productivity motivator that helps in managing all your project works and tasks. It is really easy to use and provide quick daily tasks and updates. iDoneThis productive teams run daily and weekly stand-ups to engage the whole team on task and in sync and also to prevent ongoing unaddressed problems.


  • Functionality and Resource Management
  • Document Sharing and API Management
  • Tactical Portfolio Supervision
  • Productive and Flexible Solution


  • Free for personal use
  • $5 per month for Gold use (add-ons for personal)
  • $5 per month for Business use (many team members)

Certainly, iDoneThis is ideal for both big and small organizations. It helps big organizations in managing projects which fabricate a large amount of information. iDoneThis enhances project improvements, complex software extensions, etc.


Scoro is the best comprehensive business management software for creative and professional services. It combines all the features which help you in managing and monitoring your project like quotes, billing, reporting, tasks, contact management, etc. Therefore, it is the right tool for those who want to bring structure to their work.


  • Real-time KPI dashboard
  • Quoting and invoicing with pre-set templates
  • Contact management
  • Shared team calendar & meeting scheduling
  • Time tracking and billing for work
  • Detailed reports on project progress and finances
  • Projects with sub-tasks and deadlines


  • $26/month for Essential use (5 users)
  • $37/month for Work Hub (5 users)
  • $37/month for SalesHub (5 users)

However, Scoro is one central place that helps in streamlining your entire work process so that you can complete all your tasks only with one tool.


Kick stress to curb and plan projects with the Toggl tool. This tool helps you to keep important information in one place. You can also add checklists, set milestones, upload files. Most importantly assign tasks to multiple people in making collaboration easy and quick.


  • Scheduled Alerts
  • Over 100+ App Integrations
  • One-click Timers
  • Email Tracking Remainders
  • Profits v/s Labor Cost
  • Tracking Reminders


  • $9/month for Starter (1 user)
  • $18/month for Premium (1 user)
  • Custom Pricing for Enterprise use

Toggl aims to bring transparency and innovation to the ever-changing workplace. This tool also brings unique perspectives shared by life experiences. Toggl helps you from all perspectives to manage your project.


In conclusion, in order to choose the correct project management software, it is important to consider factors like business size and team. Having software in a business place will make your day to day work and tasks much easier. Hopefully, the OffersNReviews helpful Top Project Management Softwares review will help you in deciding the right tool.

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