Best WordPress Caching Plugin 2021

Have you ever thought about increasing the speed of your website? Damn sure; the website speed matters a lot for every website. Having the best cache plugin is the simplest solution for improving website speed and boosting performance.

So, why should we compromise while choosing? Check out and pick the one from the caching plugins and also looking to load your website quickly on a mobile platform? Here are the top AMP Plugins for wordpress.

Best WordPress Caching Plugins of 2021

The caching plugin produces static HTML pages and saves on your server. When a user tries to access the pages of your websites, the caching plugin shows the lighter HTML pages instead of loading basic and heavy WordPress PHP scripts.

best wordpress caching plugins

It will improve page loading time and decrease the burden on your website server, which impacts speed loading.

WP Rocket

The most popular and premium plugin that was top-rated in the market is WP Rocket. As per the analysis, it has already been used by more than 1,222,000 websites. Ease of configuration and immediate page caching activation stabilized its first position in the Best WordPress Cache Plugins list.

The plugin also helps to boost index speed, page loading time. It minimizes the page loading time by 0.98 seconds, maximizes the speed by 34.1%. The price starts from just $49 with one year of support for one website. Quick setup, sitemap preloading, and cache preloading are the additional benefits with the activation of WP Rocket.


W3 Edge which is well known as W3 Total Cache, a 4.3-star rating plugin out of 5. The rating itself indicates its popularity in the market. W3 Edge will also be useful for all levels of users, including beginner, intermediate, and advanced WordPress users.

The additional benefits of installing W3 total cache for your WordPress website is easy to install and static file compression. It shaves an average of 0.62 seconds of loading time and improves 29.16% page speed. Compatible with any hosting along with this it enables mobile device support.

WP Fastest Cache Premium

The fastest and easiest plugin to install for your WordPress website is WP Fastest Cache Premium. It has roughly 1 Million plus downloads, and more than 49k paid users. It will enable the cache for every version instantly after installation such as Desktop, mobile, browser, and widget.

WP Fastest cache has 4.8 out of 5. It decreases loading time by half-second, and we can see page loading speed improvement by 15.3%. The plugin disables lazy loading for specific images, delete cache logs regularly, and also provides database cleanup.


Just a one-click activation plugin connects your website with the super servers which can give you added features and more control. You no need to update the plugin manually, as it was set by automated update by default.

A free trial available for the first seven days and the premium version available just for $49/month. It currently has 2,619,538 installs. Providing 24*7 customer support and received 2 awards in 2017 and 2018 for its excellent speed improvement of the websites.


LSCache is the fastest built-in cache with Intelligence optimization. It's an all in one optimization plugin and includes the built-in page speed optimization, image optimization, critical CSS generation service, third-party CDN integration, and much more.

With its powerful smart purge technology, it manages cache and handles the traffic spikes. And LiteSpeed's cache manager can manage the cache plugin across all server's WP installations that can bring remarkable speed to your WordPress sites.

Swift Performance 

Speed up your WordPress website with less investment, starting from $39.99 for one year. It enables cache preloading and advanced caching. The only reason to pick this Swift performance plugin is it's an all-in-one performance optimization tool.

It provides Setup Wizard and Quick Presets for easy understanding even for the starters. We even have the chance to alter the setting for achieving the best results. This is said to be one of the best WordPress caching plugins as it optimizes CSS/JS and HTML, uses a lazy load for images, iframes, and javascript. One more advantage by using this, we can have unlimited image optimizer API.

Comet Cache 

Comet Cache is an advanced caching plugin and is an updated version of the ZenCache by the same developers. Just plug and play plugin that enables automatic & intelligent cache clearing, client-side browser caching within two minutes of setup.

The premium version of the WordPress plugin provides more advanced features starting from just $39. It gives you lifetime updates with the three years of warranty. All of its core features include page cache, client-side cache, feed cache, 404 caches, and much more. As per the records, 32.13% of improvement in the page speed with the 0.92 seconds average decrease in the page load time. 


WP-Optimize - A revolutionary and highly effective plugin. Make your website fast and efficient by cleaning and caching your website with one of the best WordPress cache plugins. This plugin caches your pages and optimizes images to keep the page load low.

WP Optimize has both free and premium versions with mobile-friendly advanced features. The WP-Optimize cleans unnecessary data on the database and speeds up the site drastically. It is well known for easy optimization and retains data during the cleanups too. The image optimization compression tool in this plugin uses cutting-edge lossy/lossless compression techniques.


Autoptimize is a premium expert service that can provide full performance optimization. It's a 4.6 rated plugin with good reviews. Easy minimization, aggregation possible with this plugin and it stands in the 9th position of the Top WordPress Caching Plugins.

Optimal Autoptimize configuration, tailored to your website with the lazy load images, also optimizes google fonts, async non-aggregated JavaScripts. Additional benefits such as Caching configuration at both server-side and client-side, and image optimization configuration.

WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache is a free WordPress plugin that generates static HTML files from the dynamic & more massive WordPress blogs. This cached file will be served to thousands of visitors, nearly 99% of users. It compresses pages and easy to set up very fast. Simple caching and cache rebuilding are the primary functionalities of this free plugin.

Usually, this cache plugin serves cached files in three ways: One is by using Apache mod_rewrite to do the "super cached" static HTML files, this is the expert and fastest method. The second one is Super cache static files can be served by PHP, this is the most recommended way of using this plugin. And the last method is used to cache pages for the known users, URLs with parameters and feeds and is also known as WP-Cache caching. 


Therefore, the plugins listed here in the Best WordPress Caching Plugins 2020 are the fastest and best as per the ratings and reviews. Considering your website setup and theme, you may require a variety of cache plugins. 

We should test the effects of various types of plugins and their impact on the website with the help of different tools such as Google PageSpeed Insights, GTmetrix, etc. So, try to install the plugin you have chosen from the Top WP-Cache Plugins and activate one at a time and run the website through the picked testing tool to identify. Make a comparison of each result and make your ultimate decision. 


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