WordPress Plugins you should definitely have for your website

You are definitely at the right place if you are looking for the best plugins your newly launched WordPress blog or website needs. Not to worry. You are at the right place and here you will get all the basic information you need about the Must Have WordPress Plugins. WordPress offers you many free plugins, which are actually great in their functionalities.

The kind/niche of a website defines what plugins are required. Yet, there are few plugins, which are generic and needed for all kinds of websites or blogs. For example, speed, SEO, contact form, security, etc.

Must Have WordPress Plugins

There are 55K+ WordPress plugins, which you can choose from. There are a few essential plugins, which offer niche solutions and few, which are overhyped. We handpicked a few best WordPress plugins for your site to look great.

Yoast SEO

Statistics state that each day google alone handles over 9 billion searches. This states how search engines became vital in day-to-day life of every individual. Designing your website search engine friendly is important than ever. You need to present in the top searches a visitor make for a relevant search. For that, you need to optimize your site search engine friendly.

Yoast SEO is the best available and most popular WordPress AMP and SEO plugin. It is considered best because of its features and tools it offers to its users.


  • It connects your site to google search console, optimize it for social media, generate site maps and add metatags using keywords and meta descriptions.
  • Makes improvements based on how well the content is optimized and improves the content’s readability.
  • Yoast has a powerful redirecting feature that helps you create powerful redirects. It also prevents you from broken links by detecting and changing the URLs by creating auto-redirects.
  • The Yoast SEO basic version is 100% free. There is also a premium version with some additional features.


JetPack is one of the most popular WordPress multi-featured plugins. It is from Automatic, the biggest WordPress based company. JetPack was built to leverage the power of servers at WordPress.com. It reduces strain on the site’s server. It offers a single window solution for various essential plugins.


  • It deals with traffic and SEO tools and has tools to detect traffic and essential SEO tools that help your site to improve search optimization. It makes your site social media friendly too.
  • Offers security and backup services. There is an option for two-step verification to log into your WordpPress.com.
  • It helps you to create elegant, fast, and rich content.
  • The basic version is for free whereas the premium version offers add-on features like additional SEO and google analytics tools, has backups and security scan versions protecting your site from malware and malicious attacks.

UpDraft Plus

The data safety is much needed in recent times. 30K+ websites get hacked on an average today. Having a backup is mandatory. When it comes to the most popular WordPress backup plugins, UpDraft stands first.


  • UpDraft allows you creating automatic or manual backups to your website.
  • It has multiple storage options in which backup can be stored safely in remote locations like Google Drive, Dropbox, Rackspace, email etc.
  • The most amazing feature of UpDraft Plus is that it restores your website from the backup in quite easy manner.
  • The basic version is free offering whereas the premium version has additional features like priority support.


Interacting with customers is quite important for a business. In this context, forms in the websites allow the users and business come together. The drag & drop online form builder plugin allows you to create beautiful customizable forms such as contact forms, subscription forms, payment forms, online subscription forms, polls & surveys and all other kinds of forms.

The readily available templates save your time and efforts in creating forms. Over three million WordPress and non-WordPress websites are using WPForms and the average rating is 4.9 out of 5 over the past three years.


  • Creates attractive forms of all kinds.
  • The pre-built templates, which are even customizable, save your time.
  • The lite version enables you access good number of templates. A premium version unlocks even more integrations with additional number of templates.


Analytics used to know how people find, walk through your website and how they use it. These insights enable you to improve it even more user friendly. There are many analytics plugins available in the market. MonsterInsights is really a monster when it comes to its functionality. It is the best Google analytics plugin available for WordPress. It is used by over 2 million websites.


  • It connects your website with Google analytics through which you can find the insights of visitor activities and actions.
  • It gives all the important stats that are required to optimize your website.
  • The true power of MonsterInsights unlocks in its premium version. The basic version also gives enough insights at the basic level.


Retargeting plays a vital role in increasing buyers or subscribers. OptinMonster in that context is the most essential and useful plugin for business, e-commerce websites. If you want to make more money through website traffic, you definitely need OptinMonster. It is the most popular conversion rate optimization plugin in the market.


  • It allows you to convert the abandoned visitors of your website into email subscribers or customers.
  • OptinMonster has a pre-made high converting opt-in forms that can be easily customized with their drag and drop builder.
  • Its powerful display targeting feature enables personalizing the campaigns for each user. It helps to show right message to the right people.
  • OptinMonster is not for free. There are four paid plans. Basic ($9), Plus ($19), Pro ($29) and Growth ($49). Most of the users or websites go with Pro version in which most of the useful features get covered.


Online businesses usually are prone to cyber-attacks. They need to be protected securely. Or else, you and your website will be robbed entirely by the hackers. So, security should be on top priority for online businesses.

Sucuri offers WordPress security plugin and a web application firewall which could be probably the best you can get.


  • It monitors and protects your website from DDoS, XXS attacks, malware threats, brute force attacks.
  • Removes any kind of malicious code in your website file system or database.
  • Submits blacklist removal requests on behalf of your website to reduce security warnings so that your website traffic remains healthy.
  • Repairs SEO spams like SEO spam keywords and link injections.
  • Sucuri isn’t for free. It has basic, pro, and business versions with yearly plans.

WP Rocket

Visitors don’t like waiting longer times for the sites to load. They leave before the page even loads. So, there is need for speed for the websites. There are many useful plugins to increase the speed of your websites. WP Rocket is the best caching plugin among them.

WP Rocket helps you to improve your website speed and performance without actually any level of technical skills.


  • It turns on recommended WordPress caching settings automatically and cache website’s dynamically generated pages.
  • It turns on even optional features like lazy loading images, DNS Prefetching, CDN support and minification.
  • WP Rocket automatically build your website cache. It results in instant performance boost and faster loading.
  • It offers free Imagify option which even increases your website speed.
  • WP Rocket isn’t having a free version. It only has paid plans.

Beaver Builder

Beaver builder is one of the best drag and drop WordPress plugins available. It offers both text and image editing options which is very easy to use. You can modify or add anything you want right from the front.

beaver builder

It is so flexible and has a very less learning curve. With Beaver Builder, life becomes easy in creating your website the way you wanted without the need of a developer.


  • Content modules: HTML, text editor, photo, Audio, Video & Sidebar.
  • Column based full width layouts
  • Mobile friendly and responsive layouts
  • Use WordPress widgets & custom post types.
  • The lite version of Beaver builder is free whereas the premium version unleashes even better features.


Your website may not have offerings everything to everyone. If you need to filter the content based on the subscription plans, you need a membership plugin. MemberPress is the best WordPress membership plugin available in the market.


  • MemberPress enables you to create, managing, and tracking membership subscriptions.
  • Allows you to manage your visitors by granting or revoking their access to your posts, pages, videos, tags, categories, communities, feeds, digital files, and many more.
  • Works with all kinds of popular payment solutions and acts nicely with online stores along with WooCommerce.
  • It has no free version. The plugin has three different versions at different price points. It is premium yet useful. It literally reduces your time and effort in creating and maintaining the membership plans.

Revive Old Post

Social media marketing is a must for all kinds of businesses in the recent times. To mention, 30% of your website traffic is through referrals. It indicates how important it is to connect with people. They present on social media. So, every small and big thing that happen in your business that needs a promotion should also happen through social media. After all, ‘fish where the fishes are’.

Revive Old Post is one of the ultimate WordPress social media plugins. It helps you driving more traffic to your website via social media.


  • Shares your new and old posts to the social media through its social media auto-post plugin.
  • It has a social media scheduling plugin through which, you can set a schedule for your publications in social media.
  • You can include hashtags and back links to your website. It’s analytics plugin enables you to track the posts’ performance and the traffic driven through social media.
  • It has content curation plugin through which the posts of social media can be filtered out with just few clicks.
  • Revive Old Post is available in both free and premium versions.

WP Smush

Think of a webpage with full of content and no images. It is not better than an HTML page. Images, required on a webpage to look attractive. Images communicate your message to the visitor many times faster and stronger than words and sentences.

The only problem with the images is their size. The good resolution images are of bigger sizes. The bigger the size of the images, the slower the loading speeds. You just cannot compromise your loading speeds for the sake of attractiveness. It could create even disastrous results.

To come over this practical problem, you need something best image optimization plugin, which can reduce the size of the images without actually compromising the quality. We name that plugin, WP Smush.


  • Optimizes all kinds of image files like JPEG, PNG and GIF formats using advanced compression or optimization techniques.
  • Compresses or optimizes images without reducing the quality using some advanced optimization techniques.
  • Auto-smushes all the image files during upload if you wish or you can also do it manually in the media library.
  • It can smush bulk data up to 50 attachments at a time.
  • This helps you maintain the loading speed of your website while keeping it attractive.


Elementor, with over 50 lakh active installs, is one of the coolest most popular page builder plugins offering a simple and in-built interface that allows you to edit every post & page on your website via drag and drop method. Simply install the builder and then you can customize your site, build beautiful landing-pages, create stunning layout pages, and design concepts with flexible designing options.


Elementor has comparatively steeper learning curve but once you gets used to it, you can enjoy this theme builder. It is quick and glitch-free visual interface.


  • Elementor has 150+ inbuilt templates in its library from which you can choose. The theme builder allows you to customize every part of the theme.
  • You can visually design forms and can integrate them with your website seamlessly.
  • Key professional widgets and features help you include animated headlines and posts, which makes your website, look amazing.
  • Also, the main Elementor plugin is free of cost however, if you need more features, you need to adopt the premium version.


The layouts and product presentation is vital for the success of an e-commerce website. It’s not about beautiful images with high resolution. The product details and images are to be neatly presented. As the customers or visitors deal with payments, trust is equally important. For that, the gateways should be glitch-free.

To offer all these features, the plugin should be of higher performing. WooCommerce, being the most popular ecommerce plugin, and with over 4 million active users, is an open software and a completely customizable ecommerce platform.

Woocommerce in the past few years created itself as a giant among the eCommerce plugins for WordPress. A dedicated ecosystem developed with Woocommerce themes, WooCommerce hosting, and Woocommerce plugins.


  • It has countless number of ecommerce themes.
  • You have a flexibility completely unrestricted.
  • It can integrate ecommerce with many popular content publishing platforms.
  • You can use shortcodes to add products to your blog posts or create landing posts that direct to the checkouts.
  • You can customize your website as per the locations in terms of metrics and currency.
  • Customers can sort and filter the products with options like popularity, newness, rating, price and many more.
  • Unlimited addition of products. The only limitation could be your inventory.
  • WooCommerce has free version as well as an open source software where you can customize your costs based on your requirement and usage unlike other ecommerce platforms.


Bad customer experience, which occurs on landing into a 404 or a broken page is just unwanted. Even search engines like Google doesn’t like websites with broken web pages. The rating gets reduced. But, you cannot check every post and page manually when in case you your website is having hundreds of posts.

To address this issue, there are redirecting plugins available in the market. Redirection is the best redirecting manager for WordPress websites. It allows you to setup custom 301 redirects within the website so that keeps the full record of the data. You just have to enter the URL of the destination link where you wish the plugin to redirect.


  • It tracks all kinds of error (4XX) pages.
  • Sets up page level redirection simply.
  • Redirection plugin is available for free of cost.

Google XML Sitemaps

A sitemap is a way of organizing website, identifying the URLs and data under each section. Previously, the sitemaps were geared for the users of the website. Google's XML format was primarily designed for the search engines, allowing them finding the data faster and more efficiently.


  • Using this plugin, you can greatly improve the SEO to create special XML sitemaps. It helps search engines to better index your website.
  • Enables crawlers to view the complete structure of your site and retrieve it more efficiently.
  • Notifies major search engines whenever you add new content or create a new posts.
  • Supports all kinds of custom URLs and WordPress generated posts.
  • Google XML sitemaps is an open source software which is free of cost.

Wordfence Security

Wordfence is another ‘must have’ WordPress security plugin which includes a Web Application Firewall (WAF). It includes endpoint firewall and malware scanner that were built on ground to protect the WordPress.


  • WAF identifies and blocks malicious traffic. Real-time IP blacklist blocks all kinds of requests from most malicious IPs.
  • Malicious scanner checks core files, SEO spam, bad URLs, malicious injections and code injections.
  • Enables two-factor authentication, one of the most secure forms of remote authentication available.
  • Wordfence central is an efficient and a powerful way to manage and secure multiple sites at single point.
  • The free version of Wordfence is powerful enough for smaller sites whereas full firewall suite is required for larger businesses.


Akimest is one of the most popular spam protection WordPress plugins. It checks your comments and your contact form submissions against global database of spam and prevents your site from publishing any malicious content.


  • It automatically checks all comments and filters out those that look like spam.
  • Each comment has a status history. It helps you can easily see which comments were found or cleared by Akismet.
  • URLs are displayed in the comment body to reveal any hidden or misleading links.
  • Moderators can view the number of approved comments for every user.
  • Discard feature out rightly blocks the worst spam.
  • Akimest is free for personal and non business sites. There are multiple plans for businesses available.


Pushengage is one of the best easy to use push notification plugin for WordPress websites. It supports all the top search engines. Once a visitor subscribes to your notifications, you can auto-update them about your new posts by sending the notifications even when the visitors aren’t on your website.


  • It has multiple browser support.
  • It supports both HTTP & HTTPS websites.
  • You can customize your opt-ins in several different types.
  • Segment your opt-in list based on factors like browser, geography, interest, and many more.
  • Schedule your notifications.
  • Auto-trigger a campaign based on visitor actions.
  • Offers push analytics data to optimize your campaigns.
  • PushEngage is used by 10K+ companies in 150+ nations. It has a free version and a premium version at $29 per month with a free trial.


Herewith, we provide you with the best list of must have WordPress plugins for your website. You don’t have to use all the WordPress plugin tools. Therefore based on your usage and requirement, you need to act wisely and choose among the provided best list of plugins.

WordPress is a boon as mentioned for many anticipators around the globe. Of course, the budget is always a constraint for a business and it should be. Business is not for show-off but is for profitability.

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