ELLY Server

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ELLY is a private cloud provider, which is maintenance-free. In this server, you can store data, and you can also execute various web applications. The data remains under your control on the server, and you can access it from anywhere in the world.
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ELLY Server Review

Why Elly is better than cloud servers?

Elly can be set up as quickly as you register for the cloud services. However, Elly lets you know where your data is, which means at your private cloud. Adding to that, it also provides various web applications like data exchange, task management, email servers, time recording, and many. You no longer need to administer as your data is no longer stored in closed silos. It will be under your control!

What Elly offers you?

Elly offers you various applications through which you can access your data from anywhere. They offer Data exchange & online office, Project management, Communication & video conferencing, Password manager, Time tracking, Email server, Team contacts & calendar, CRM, Merchandise management (ERP), and more.

Elly protects your data from many dangers such as Ransomware, accidental deletion or overwriting, Data theft & industrial Espionage, Hardware failures, disasters, and GDPR & compliance uncertainties. 

Elly subscription:

Elly has two different subscription plans based on the size of your business. 

For small and medium-sized businesses, they offer a monthly subscription at € 39 and VAT additional. In this, they offer 1 TB storage (redundant), unlimited users, various pre installed applications, 9-point security including GDPR, and more.

For medium to large scale businesses, they offer a monthly subscription at € 189 and VAT additional. In this, they offer all the features mentioned above along with all functions of Elly Plus, which include Intel XEON/AMD/EPYS Processors, up to 1024 GB RAM, 12 TB to 100 TB space, 10 Gigabit network interfaces, and more.

Elly Server coupons:

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