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Coinrule is a simple automated trading solution, which is easy to use. It is aimed to be the "Lego tool-box" for technical and non-technical traders. This platform unlocks the world for crypto traders to new trading possibilities to deal with limited trading interfaces. Coinrule enables you to choose from a number of set strategies. They can even be back-tested before they were deployed.
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Coinrule Review:

Founded in 2018 in London, UK, Coinrule is an emerging trading solution service pertaining to the cryptocurrency as its base location. The Coinrule platform enables you to automate your trading, maximize your revenues or accumulate coins, and integrate customary trading options like regular market buy & sell, stop-loss / take-profit orders, and re-buying orders.

Coinrule is used through any supported browser. It connects to 10+ top cryptocurrency exchanges through Bitstamp, Binance, BitMEX, Kraken, Bittrex, Coinbase Pro, and Poloniex via API key connections, all being supported.

Coinrule Features:

Functionality: Coinrule is a web-based solution. Its team does the job clean, simplistic in design, which appeals to all levels' traders. Coinrule allows you to deploy trading-rules without any necessity of knowing or using any code.

Technology: Coinrule platform operates via integrations with 10+ popular exchanges. Orders usually need around 500 milliseconds in reaching the market. Coinrule uses SMS notifications and data encryption enhancing its service offerings.

Tools: Coinrule integrates a modular rule configuration system, which works through simple If/Then prompts. It is easy to use. It also uses various popular trading strategies like stop-loss, takes profit, and buy the dip/breakout.

Customer Support: Coinrule support team tackles all the common questions through FAQs on their website. They can also be contacted through live chat, mail, and social media like Facebook and Twitter. The help center supports the users through useful guides and resource supplements. 

Coinrule Plans: Coinrule service can be used free by signing up using a Starter account, a hobbyist plan, $29.99 per month, and a Pro plan for $249.99 per month. The pro account gives access to 50 live/demo rules and unlimited integrated exchanges and template strategies.

Coinrule Coupons:

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