Best Water Purifiers in India 2021

Water is one of the basic need for human survival. Drinking healthy water prevents many diseases and keeps you healthy. Contaminated water may make you prone to various deadly diseases. Drinking purified water is very important to keep yourself healthy.

Best Water Purifiers in India

Which is the best water purifier? What are the features and benefits a water purifier should offer? What type of water purifier suits your home? This article answers all such questions. 

We here discuss the top water purifier brands in India and their flagship products, which are the best water purifiers in India with high-level multi-level filtration and purification available in 2021.

Types of contaminations in water:

Before getting into the best water purifiers, try to understand the different kinds of waste and harmful substances present in the water. Water consists of:

  • Visible dirt or mud.
  • Dissolved salts like fluoride, chlorine, sulfate, lead, arsenic, and more.
  • Microorganisms like bacteria, virus, and fungus, which cause diseases like typhoid, cholera and more.
  • Harmful chemicals come from industries or agriculture.

An ideal or best water purifier should purify water from the wastes as mentioned above and keep the essential minerals, giving you healthy and nutritious water.

Parameters to consider while purchasing a water purifier:

What is the best water purifier brand in India?

Ans: The water purifier that satisfies all your needs and sits within your budget is the best for you. Everyone is not the same. Each has different requirements. So, the number of types and properties are also many.

However, the following parameters should be addressed before making a water purifier purchase decision:

  • Your water source. Different waters need different purification treatment.
  • TDS amount in the water available at your place.
  • Available budget.
  • Space you can offer for the water purifier in your kitchen.
  • Your family size.

Kent Supreme Plus RO + UV + UF+ TDS Zero Water Wastage

Best water purifier for home

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KENT Supreme Plus

Kent water purifiers have always been the favourites for Indian homemakers. Kent's Supreme Plus water purifiers is such a comprehensive product with such excellent features that they will satisfy almost all your requirements. The best part is it is budget friendly too.

Kent Supreme Plus water purifier does not wastewater. Its Zero Water Wastage Technology makes the rejected water recirculate to the overhead tank. It involves a multi-purification process through which the water is treated through RO, UV, UF, and UV_LED, ensuring you get pure water. 

Its TDS controller replaces the essential minerals lost in the RO process, making the water nutritious. 

  • Zero Water wastage
  • TDS Control system
  • Ideal for all types of houses, even in extreme conditions like coastal or industrial areas.
  • RO + UF + UV + UV_LED
  • Eight-liter storage.
  • Fully automatic.
  • Wall-mounted design, suitable for a family of four.
  • It comes in white colour, which needs continuous cleaning.
  • Filter replacements cost higher.

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HUL’s PureIt Copper+ Mineral RO + UV + UF 7-Stage water purifier

Best copper RO in India

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HUL Pureit Copper

PureIt from Hindustan Unilever is among India's best water purifier brands. HUL's Pureit uses the principle of infusing health benefits from the copper while designing this water purifier. Copper has water-purifying qualities. So, the water is infused through copper after RO purification. This water purification process consists of seven stages:

  1. Pre-sediment filter that removes visible impurities.
  2. Pre-RO activated carbon filter for removing bad odour and organic contaminants.
  3. Wire mesh filter that traps soluble pollutants.
  4. RO membrane that purifies the water completely.
  5. UF membrane that removes the traces of TDS.
  6. UV reactor that eliminates bacteria, viruses, and other microbes.
  7. Post-RO activated carbon filter that enhances the taste of water.

With this water purifier, you get RO purified water charged with copper and treated with UV and UF technologies. This PureIt water purifier is intelligent enough to smartly sense and schedule auto cleaning, ensuring the maintenance of fresh copper at all times.

It has an 'Advance Alert System' that alerts you 15 days prior to the Germ-kill Kit's expiry. It has an 'Auto Shut-Off' feature that shuts off the water purification and supply once the Germ-kill kit expires.


8 litres capacity.

  • RO+UV+MF with Mineralizer facility.
  • RO water charged with 99.8% pure copper.
  • It can be used for high TDS up to 2000 PPM.
  • 7-stage purification.
  • Automatic shut-off feature.


  • Water wastage during the RO cleaning process.

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Eureka Forbes Aquaguard AquaSure - Amaze 7L RO+UV+MTDS Water purifier

Best RO water purifier under 10,000/-

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Eureka Forbes AquaSure

Eureka Forbes is India's market leader in the segment of water purifiers. Aquaguard from Eureka Forbes is among the best Indian water purifier brands. They have been there in the industry for ages and have a fantastic range of water purifiers with many value-added benefits. Amongst all, their Amaze 7L RO+UV+MTDS Water purifier is one of the most sought out products.

Aquasure amaze is designed for urban use. It comes with a 7L tank, which is ideal for a nuclear family of four. This has 'Multi-stage purification' that includes RO, UV, and MTDS, ensuring 100% pure water.

  • The UV water purification to eliminate disease-causing germs.
  • MTDS replenishes essential minerals like calcium and magnesium.
  • RO removes all kinds of harmful chemicals and dissolved salts.


  • The durable cartridge is capable of up to 6000 litres.
  • Eco-friendly product.
  • LED indicators.
  • Can purify TDS up to 2000 PPM.
  • Excellent after-sales service.
  • Durable cartridge.


  • The water tap comes as an attachment.

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Kent Grand Plus RO+UF+UV 9L Water Purifier

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Kent Grand Plus RO

Kent Grand Plus ZWW is one more excellent water purifier with patented ROTM technology that makes water 100% safe for drinking. This model has a multi-stage purification process to purify water, including:

RO that eliminates TDS and other heavy impurities like lead, fluoride, arsenic, and antimony from source water.

UV technology ensuring the removal of harmful microorganisms like bacteria and viruses. 

TDS controller to improve water taste by replenishing essential chemicals like Calcium and Magnesium.

UF and activated carbon filters remove the organic impurities.

This model has a big water tank of 9 litres and filters water at a rate of 20 litres per hour, which is excellent. This is an ideal model for places with high TDS.


  • Zero water wastage technology.
  • UV-LED display.
  • 9 Liters tank, which suits large families.
  • 7-stage purification.
  • Filter Change Alert and UV Fail Alarm.
  • Auto-flushing feature that increases the life of RO membrane.
  • Suitable for water from all sources.


  • Recurring maintenance costs.
  • The product is available only in white colour.

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Blue Star Excella RO+UV+UF Water Purifier

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Blue Star Excella

Blue Star "Excella RO+UV+UF" is one of the most compact and stylish water purifiers. Excella Water purifier features triple layered 7-stage water purification process: 

  • Pre-Sediment Filter
  • Pre-Carbon Filter
  • Sediment Filter
  • RO Membrane
  • UF Membrane
  • Post-Carbon Filter with ATB
  • UV Lamp

Water first passes through the RO membrane that removes dissolved salts and chemicals. I the next level, water passes through the UF membrane that removes physical impurities and harmful germs. The final stage is UV purification, in which a UV lamp kills microorganisms making the water 100% safe to drink.

It has a purification capacity of up to 12 litres per hour. The tank comes in 6 litres. The RO membrane is super-efficient and of high quality, which can treat water with TDS levels up to 2000 PPM.


  • Attractive and compact design.
  • Aqua taste booster that maintains pH levels.
  • Comes with a pre-filter.
  • Suitable for all sources of water.
  • Tank full indicator


  • No filter change alert.
  • Less storage capacity.

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Faber Galaxy Plus RO + UV + UF + MAT water purifier

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Faber Galaxy Plus RO

Faber's Galaxy plus water purifier has an 8-stage filtration process with a tank capacity of 9 litres. 

  • External Sediment Filter (20 microns)
  • Pre-Carbon Filter
  • Sediment Filter (5 microns)
  • RO Membrane
  • Post Carbon/MAT Filter
  • UF Membrane, and 
  • UV Filter.

The Faber Galaxy Plus water purifier comes with a free external sediment filter, which removes the larger particle waste. This model is equipped with a specially designed 'Filmtech' RO membrane that has the power to purify water with high TDS levels up to 2,500 PPM.

This is the best RO water purifier for homes or offices where TDS levels of the water sources are higher than 2,000 PPM and up to 250 PPM.

RO membrane purifies the water but demineralizes it as well. Demineralized water is tasteless and unhealthy. This water purifier uses a MAT (Mineral Addition Technology) filter to add essential minerals like copper, calcium, and magnesium.


  • 9-litre tank capacity.
  • 8 stage purification.
  • Neat and compact design.
  • Neatly designed indicators - tank full, purification on / off, and low pressure.
  • Purification capacity up to 13.5 litres per hour.
  • Best for places with high TDS levels.


  • Service needs improvement.

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LG Puricare WW150NP RO + UV Water purifier

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LG WW151NP 8L RO+UV Water Purifier, RO

LG is a renowned consumer appliances brand in India. Indian consumers trust LG and expect to deliver exceptional performances. This LG Puricare water purifier is one of the testimonies of the same.

The LG Puricare WW150NP water purifier has a dual protection stainless steel tank to maintain the freshness of water and simultaneously reduce the growth of microbes. This water purifier is equipped with a 5-stage RO water purification process.

This water purifier's significant advantage is its Stainless-Steel Certification that ensures the water storage tank has 94.4% less E-coli growth compared to the plastic and fibre tanks. Apart from that, it has advanced RO technology that prevents the need for a UV lamp.

LG Puricare employs the most hygienic purification of water through digital sterilization without any harmful chemicals.


  • 100% RO purification
  • It can be used for water with TDS up to 2000 PPM.
  • Dual protection stainless steel tank.
  • Digital sterilization.
  • Excellent looks.


  • No filter change indicator.

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