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Gaming has evolved through decades, starting from Video games, which popularized in public porticoes where children and adults spent hours playing video games like Pac-Man, Galaga, and more on big bulky standing machines in-built joystick and CRT monitors.

Later on, the gaming consoles were born, not so late after this renascence. They helped the gamers to play their favourite games sitting at home. Consoles beginning with Atari 2600 and Nintendo, they came a long way down the years and are currently with the most advanced features that almost provide us with an experience watching a high VFX superhero movie.

Spectacular features like 4k Ultra HD output & VR capabilities, compatible with popular streaming services and game libraries, multiple genres are now the gaming consoles' competencies present day, to create the differentiation and position themselves uniquely in the market and ahead of the competition.

Here we discuss the classification of video games, parameters that should be looked into before purchasing a gaming console, and finally, various great discounts on video games available. You can also check our best video game consoles today available online and offline.

Types of Video Games:

Every person isn't the same. Everyone's likes and dislikes are different so do video games. The best video game for you is the one you love to play the most. Video Games have different genres like action, adventure, racing, action-adventure, role-playing, simulation, strategy, racing, and more. The latest games are coming in multiple genres with more than one genre. First, you need to sit back, think, and then decide where your interest is.

It's very easy to buy a gaming console and finally end up wasting money with disappointment; also, finding out that you like nothing in it and no genres you like aren't there much in it. It would help if you were wise in choosing the gaming console, which consists of the games of your interest. The best video games in the world are the ones that are accepted well by many and evolved through generations. We here present you with the best video gaming consoles for 2021, which certainly provide you with the best video games in 2021. 

Best gaming consoles in 2021

Play Station 4 Pro:

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PS4 1TB Slim Bundled with Spider-Man

PlayStation 4 Pro Sony's PlayStation 4 Pro is one of the top gaming consoles ever since its launch in 1994. PS 4 Pro is the latest update to the earlier version, PS 4, 2013. It has an upgraded GPU, which gives the gaming machine 4K capability, enhanced VR performance.

PS4 Pro best branded for its spectacular hardware specifications and an all-in-one exclusive gaming library like 'The Last Guardian,' 'The Last of Us,' and more. PS4 Pro promises you the hardcore gaming experience and is the most loved one by any hardcore gamer. To get more, you pay more; PS4 is an expensive deal with $399. The only setback for PS4 Pro is the lack of a 4K blue-ray player.

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XBOX One S, the best gaming consoles for multimedia, has the most significant capabilities, like playing AAA Games to 4K - UHD Blue-Rays at relatively affordable prices compared to PS 4 Pro.

XBOX One S is the second updated version of Microsoft's 8th generation console. XBOX has improved hardware and an ability to play 4K- Video in UHD blue-ray. It is slimmer than its previous versions. XBOX also consists of its exclusive games package franchises like 'Halo.' The other most interesting feature of XBOX, its support for the streaming platforms like Netflix, makes it a complete all in one console.

The only setback of XBOX One S is its inability to render games in 4K resolution. XBOX One X, an upgraded version, was brought to address that issue.

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Playstation 5:

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Playstation 5 (PS5) is the latest version of Sony's Playstation series. It is the next edition of the PS4 Pro. With PS 5, you experience lightning fast loading with its ultra-high speed SSD. It has deeper immersion with support to haptic feedback. In addition, it includes adaptive triggers & 3D Audio. Simply, it is the brand-new generation of incredible PlayStation games.

PS 5 comes with stunning accessories like a Dual-sense wireless controller, a Media remote, Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales, through which you can experience the incredible graphics of PS 5. They have new games like Sackboy: A big adventure, Demon's Souls, and more.

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Xbox One X Cyberpunk 2077 Limited Edition Bundle (1TB)

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Xbox One X Cyberpunk 2077 Limited Edition Bundle

Xbox One X Cyberpunk 2077 1TB limited edition console comes with glowing elements, colour shift effects, bright panels, and textures. Get your hands on with Xbox wireless controller Cyberpunk and experience the best. 

This has the best multimedia options like watching 4K Blu-ray movies, listening to music on Spotify, Streaming 4K videos on Netflix, Prime Video, and YouTube. This is certainly the best video game console for TV. 

There always arises a question that which video gaming console is the best? What are the best video games in the world, and which console provides them? For the question of PS or Xbox? Well, that is purely your choice and interest. Both have their features to hang on to and stuck to. Chose the one that you love the most.  

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Nintendo Switch:

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Nintendo Switch is the best gaming console for casual players, children, and families. Its unique design can make you play it on a TV or can carry it on the go. Nintendo is the one gaming console with various best video games of all time and the best video games for kids.

Nintendo is one of the most famous first-generation gaming consoles with a great history the long way through the decades. This Japanese origin gaming console differentiated itself from the other gaming consoles with its gaming library, which a family cheerfully accepts for their kids. It has a multi-player gaming option. Nintendo will come to a new avatar in the upcoming time with an attractive new gaming library. As it is meant for kids, its hardware is weaker compared to the other consoles. So, you can't expect many actions and adventure games on this console.

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New Nintendo 2DS XL:

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2DS is reputed as the king of handheld gaming consoles. 2DS brings out everything great in DS: Mario, Zelda, PokeMon, and Fire emblem. Its most significant advantage is its backward compatibility with a vast DS library. The only con is that its size fairly big, and kids cannot handle it with ease.

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Factors to ponder while choosing a Gaming Console:


Selecting a gaming platform among PlayStation, XBOX, and Wii is always tricky as each of them has its exclusivity. No platform is compatible with all games. Few developers are choosy and design only for selected platforms. You need to list your favourite games or genres and choose the compatible platform and have the most of them.

Hardcore and Softcore gaming:

Serious gaming fanatics, termed hardcore gamers, look for the latest features like VR capability, 4K resolution capability, and U-HDTVs. For those Play Station 4 (PS 4) pro, XBOX One X is the go-to choice. Usually, the Softcore gamers go with simpler or light specs consoles like Nintendo 2DS XL for kids and families. They offer soft or light gaming options, more of the domestic kind.


If you are a frequent traveller and wish to play in the way, want to carry your console with you, then portable gaming consoles like 2DS are the solution.

Special Features:

People nowadays demand multitasking gaming consoles, and hence companies are upgrading their older versions with brand new features. Purchase that gaming console, which possesses all or at least most of the required features of your demand.

Cost & Bundle Values:

Plan your budget before buying a console. Gaming isn't for free. It demands high. The gaming console's initial costs and the games, its peripherals, and online gaming all demand more. Buying in bundles can reduce effective pricing. Usually, for any gaming console, bundles are sold between 200$ to 300$.

Some sites offer great deals and great discounts on video games during sales or any occasions like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. You will find great deals on gaming consoles and video games separately or in bundles.

Other factors:

Factors like Online services, Storage capacity, Media support, backward compatibility are also a few key factors to consider before buying a gaming console.

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