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Amazon has undoubtedly become the most significant consumer e-commerce platform, spreading across multiple countries. It has become the go-to shopping platform for most consumers. Numerous business people have attempted to take advantage of the open door by turning their business on Amazon. While in the initial stages, Amazon was only seen as a way for entrepreneurs to be an additional income source, the trend has changed. Let us have a look at the Best Amazon Product Research Tools list to get clarity about

Best Amazon Product Research Tools

Now, many small-time sellers have adopted it as the primary source of income due to the huge profit generated from selling on the platform. Small-time sellers' emergence has increased the competition with sellers looking for creative and innovative ways to edge over others. Numerous companies have come up with research tools that help sellers outweigh the competition. Here we are providing the most valuable companies and Amazon product research tools offered by top companies.


AMZScout has quickly risen to fame as one of the go-to tools for Amazon sellers for product sourcing and researching. This platform empowers the sellers with the following resources and tools:

AMZScout Web App

The tool provides the sellers with 44 advanced filters to find the top-selling products on Amazon. The tool also enables sellers to run effective ad campaigns by revealing a list of keywords that can drive more traffic.

Amazon Quick View

This tool can be added as an extension to your browser, enabling sellers to get in-depth data about products in the Amazon search page itself. With the help of quick view, sellers can select and go for the best items on the amazon platform.

AMZScout Keyword Tracker

The keyword tracker tool is compatible with eight Amazon marketplaces. This is one of the Best Amazon Product Research Tools, that breaks down the keyword search results and provides the ranking for each page and position.

Viral Launch

The Viral Launch platform provides the sellers with an easy-to-use software suite and tools to drive their business growth.

Amazon Product Research

The product research tool offers sellers insights on products such as sales estimates, market trends, competition, and more. The sellers can also track the moves of top sellers of a product to copy the same.

Amazon Listing Optimization

The listing optimization tool helps the sellers list their products based on keyword metrics, enabling more visibility. The tool analyzes up to 100,000 keywords to come up with the keywords that generate the most traffic.

Amazon Convert-Rate Optimization

Viral Launch’s professional photography and copywriting team uses research-driven techniques to make the description and photos of products more detail-oriented, thereby increasing the conversion rate of products.


Helium10 has an all-in-one software suite to help Amazon sellers to help them in every step from receiving orders to issuing refund claims.

Black Box

One of the Best Amazon Product Research Tools allows sellers to access a database containing more than four fifty million products to choose their choice by employing various filters. Sellers can search the products by category, sales revenue, price, weight, review rating, among many others.

Refund Genie

This tool provides insights into the refund trends for damaged and lost inventories. The tool provides sellers with refund estimates, view reimbursement history, and current outstanding refund claims.

Inventory Protector

The inventory protector tool prevents consumers from taking maximum advantage from coupons and discounted prices. The tool also safeguards inventory information from competitive sellers trying to spy on inventory to set their strategy accordingly. The tool comes with an automated dashboard using which you can set order limits.


The AMZDataStudio platform boasts a limited number of paid tools, apart from free tools that sellers can take advantage of. Sellers can use this tool to find product ideas, keywords and monitor their progress.

Product Hunter

The product research tool gives seller access to real-time sales data of all products gathered from Amazon’s internal API. The sellers get insights on impressions, sales, revenue, and price trends to set their strategy accordingly.


AMZDataStudio claims that this is the only tool available in the market to extract 100% back-end products using the ASIN or product name. The sellers can get the exact keyword matches just by pasting the keyword on the search box.

PPC Ads Rank Tracker

The PPC ads rank tracker is one of the most preferred tools to run ad campaigns. With this tool, sellers can find the optimal bid needed to rank on the first page and track all ad campaigns. The tool also offers insights on the ad campaigns of competitors by spying on them.


The platform is compatible with multiple e-commerce companies such as Amazon, eBay, Shopify, and many more, thereby increasing its versatility. The platform an all-in-one tool under the name of The Ultimate Spy Software. AdsASINspector provides two membership for sellers to choose from. A few of the features of the tool are as follows:

Accurate Revenue Estimator

Once the tool is integrated, it provides monthly sales volume and revenue of all the products. Using this feature, the sellers can understand the products' sales trends to understand which product has been sold the most.

Product Sourcing

The feature provides sellers insights on the cost and availability of products in Amazon, thereby allowing the sellers to make an informed decision whether to sell the products or not, depending on the competition.

Keyword Analyzer

The feature analyzes search trends and lists out the best ranking keywords for each product. The features use information from the Google Trends tool to develop the top searched products and keywords.


Sellics platform offers an all-in-one software that helps sellers to increase organic traffic, automate PPC campaigns, track profits, among many others. It has also partnered with various agencies to help sellers in an offline manner.


Sonar is a free keyword research tool from Sellics. Sellers can use this tool to generate a list of top searched keyword suggestions. The tool generates the keywords based on customers' searches in Amazon using their proprietary algorithm.

Sellics Authorized Agencies

Sellics has partnered with various online agencies to help sellers manage the tools and software offered by Sellics. The partnered agencies offer suggestions based on the software reports, which further minimizes sellers' effort.

Sellics Amazon PPC Strategy WhitePaper

Sellics offers a whitepaper on strategic PPC campaigns to sellers. The whitepaper provides insights and suggestions to sellers on setting-up impressive ad campaigns and increasing ad revenue campaigns.


Therefore, we have listed the Must have & best amazon product research tools available for free and paid. Make sure you have checked everything before deciding upon the best. We, OffersNReviews will help you for making ultimate decisions by providing hand-curated products, reviews, and working deals.

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