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Are you looking for a perfect WordPress theme? Do you want to build a successful website, which is responsive and user-friendly? Then, you are in the right place. We guide you through this Beginners Guide for ThemeForest in selecting the suitable theme for your website, what are the available themes (categories), the best suitable theme for your website, necessary installation and setup steps, licensing plans, pricing details, and other themes available in a market place other than ThemeForest.

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Beginners Guide for ThemeForest

WordPress is a boon for those who want to start their new domain or website. You do not need to sit and write coding to design the theme for your website. There are ready themes available in which ThemeForest is the most popular place to buy WordPress themes. A bunch of software professionals works continuously and design themes compatible with WordPress. ThemeForest has 12000+ WordPress themes available. 

Choosing the theme for your website is so important. It doesn’t just responsible for your website’s style and design, but it affects its functionality and usage. It means you need to be cautious and careful while buying a theme. There are a bunch of options readily available in the virtual market place. When it comes to options, no one can match or come closer to ThemeForest. Scroll down to understand the Beginners Guide for ThemeForest.

History of ThemeForest

ThemeForest, launched in 2008, is the world’s famous marketplace for WordPress themes, joining WordPress theme developers with hungry buyers. Evanto Market family, which is well-known for the WordPress plugin marketplace, CodeCanyon holds the ThemeForest. Many WordPress developers earn their living through this. They develop a theme, upload it to ThemeForest, after validation by the quality control team, they start selling it in the pool of buyers. Based on the terms of exclusivity, the developers can earn between 45% and 87.5% of their sales.

Why ThemeForest?

As mentioned earlier, you need a pro-level theme developer to design themes for your website. Many professionals already designed various themes that are suitable for various kinds of websites and businesses. Those such themes are available online at different market places. ThemeForest is the leading and most loved one among them.

ThemeForest is equipped with features to help you in finding the perfect theme that supports all your requirements. It supports a useful search function in which you can look for those themes that support your requirements. The themes are split into 14 top categories like corporate themes, blogging themes, e-commerce themes, and many. It helps you to find a suitable theme easily.

The sorting option is also available with five criteria of best sellers, newest, best rated, trending, and price. The filter option with the list based on category, tags, price, Sales, Overall rating Date added, Software version (mostly for non-WordPress templates), and compatibility.

How to choose the theme?

ThemeForest has an innumerous number of themes. The filer and sorting options available narrow down the list of options available. ThemeForest is as big as an ocean, yet you may find any number of theme options. It would help if you now investigated more in detail.

Demo: Every theme on ThemeForest offers a live preview in which you can have a demo tour into the design and the different options and features available in that specific theme. You can even test some of the features. The only caution is not to get carried away with the high-quality images of the premium stocks in many cases. Tyr to evaluate the features excluding them.

Other details: The sidebar of every theme presents valuable information like the number of sales, buyer rating, latest update date, and comments. They can give you an even specific evaluation. Read the description on the theme’s product page and decide your buying option. 

Support: After-sale service is an important element to consider. The theme developer should be a trusted source and qualified enough to assist you in case of any issue. Most of the themes offer 6 months of cost-free service irrespective of the price.

Best-selling WordPress themes:

The bestseller list doesn’t mean they are the best available WordPress themes. It doesn’t even mean that they are the best suitable themes for your website. They became bestsellers as they offered a wide range of features than others and became popular.

It's quite usual to consider the best sellers as the number of copies they sold is a measure of their trustworthiness proportionately. The more copies you sell, the more trusted your theme becomes. The list we present here already sold lakhs of copies to the listed WordPress buyers.

All the list we present down are best selling multipurpose themes which can be used for multiple categories of websites. They have numerous combinations of stylish designs, wide flexibility, high functionality, less susceptible to complications, or slow loading speeds.

Avada: Multi Purpose Theme

avada multipurpose theme

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The7 — Multi-Purpose Theme

The7 — Multi-Purpose Theme

Check Price at Theme Forest

BeTheme - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress 

BeTheme - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress

Check Price at Theme Forest

Flatsome Multi-Purpose Responsive WooCommerce Theme

Flatsome multipurpose theme

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Bridge - Creative Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Bridge Creative Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Check Price at Theme Forest

Cons of ThemeForest:

Despite its popularity, ThemeForest does have some downsides and drawbacks. You need to be aware and alert before purchasing through this market place.

Quality: ThemeForest, when initially launched, just gave away any WordPress developer a platform to sell their theme. This compromised the quality.

Bloated and poorly coded themes: Despite putting various guidelines in place, few ThemeForest codes are somehow bloated and are coded poorly. You can avoid falling into the trap by reading the reviews before buying.

Theme Lock-In: This scenario occurs with few super-versatile multipurpose themes.

Non-recognition of shortcodes: The multipurpose themes offer a wide range of customization options and features which heavily depend on custom-built page builders or tailor-made shortcodes. The problem often occurs when you try to change the theme because it may not readily recognize the shortcodes. Choose those themes which have separate plugins for these shortcodes.

Beyond ThemeForest: Alternate market places to buy themes

ThemeForest is the most popular market place for theme purchase. However, you are not alone. There are several other marketplaces with a wide variety of themes. The immediate alternates for ThemeForest are Template Monster, MOJO Themes, and Creative Market. Marketplaces like Elegant Themes, StudioPress, Themify, and ThemeIsle are respectable mentions.

If you have budget constraints, then the official WordPress theme repository is the place where you can get high quality and dependable free themes.


The downsides are just a matter of caution or a disclaimer that needs to be mentioned. To be actual, nothing is ideal and completely perfect. If you are in a hunt for a new WordPress theme, ThemeForest is the place that you cant exclude from considering as it the most popular marketplace with the most comprehensive range of options available.

The rumblings about quality issues will be there all over. Still, if you go with highly rated and well-established theme developers and themes, the chances of facing trouble are highly impossible. After all, they are on the quality side of the spectrum. Hope the information provided by OffersNReviews in the Beginners Guide for ThemeForest will be more useful to understand about the Theme Forest. 

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